Do you need a Japanese element?


Thank you for your interest in the 時代-Jidai-.

We are a team that organizes Japanese elements and based in Canada. There are various fascinating cultures and histories in Japan. It has also been the subject of many films. Japan has a very long history, and it is very difficult to find out the clear facts. But on the other hand, it stirs our imagination and creates a fascinating story. Descriptions and minute details are very important to convince the audience that the story is factual. We are also looking forward to creating something completely new, and  not  just repetitious facts. 
We will help you add these elements to your film, to movies, to television, commercials and photography . We can help with various types of entertainment. We are newcomers to the entertainment world. We will do our best for your project. I look forward to working with you.

Mao Asou 2020

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