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Eiji Kamada

Eiji Kamada / 鎌田 栄治


Height: 5’5″ / Weight: 154lbs

Chest: 39″ / Waist: 34″ / Hips: 38″


Since 1992, Eiji has been a disciple of “Kanzo Uni”. Kanzo Uni is a famous fight choreographer(Tateshi/殺陣師) in Japan and he has appeared in Akira Kurosawa’s films. Eiji has been involved in many period dramas(Jidaigeki/時代劇) for television and films both as a stuntman  and stunt actor. He is  trained in Japanese sword fighting, and acting. He is also active as a Tateshi. 

Major film credits include
47Ronin, 13 Assassins, Crows Zero2, Bushi no kondate, Snow On The Bladesblades, Gokudô daisenso etc…

Special Abilities/Skills

Japanese sword fight, Body action

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