Do you need a Japanese element?

Hideki Sugiguchi

Height: 5’7″ / Weight: ■lbs

Chest: 35″ / Waist: 28″ / Hips: 35″


Born in Mugi Town, Tokushima Prefecture, Hideki started gymnastics encouraged by his family and relatives. When he was in second grade, he was already aspiring to becoming a stuntman. He joined the Japan Action Enterprise Training Department. in 2002. Upon graduation, he remained with the same company and started doing stunts. He transferred to the Alpha Stunt in 2007.In 2008,he went to the USA to work for “Kamen Rider Dragon Knight” He then became a member of SAG-AFTRA as a stunt performer. After returning to Japan in 2010 he put together a Rasen performance team (currently Embudo – Enbu-do-) with Yutaka Kobe to bring in XMA/ tricking skill /culture from Hollywood and started  introducing  XMA in Japan. He became a freelance stuntman in 2014. in 2012 , Hideki established a non-profit organization called The Japanese Extreme Martial Arts Association and it became a corporation in 2020 to share the knowledge it had acquired  through it’s own experience with creators. Hideki has been a stuntman /motion actor for 20 years. He has also been a frontline actor and action/motion coordinator. He is the Representative director of the motion Actor Company as well as the representative of the performance group EnbuDo. 

Major film credits include
Mutant Turtles, THE Regend of Korra,Wolverine, Biohazard 5, Berserk, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight etc…

Special Abilities/Skills

Action in general, Taekwondo (Sho dan/ Black belt), Chinese martial arts, Gymnastics, High fall, Scuba diving, Horseback riding stunts, XMA choreograph, Iai do, Wire action.



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