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Ken Goto

Ken Goto / 後藤 健

Phone: +81 (90)9095-7264 / E-mail:

Height: 5’8″ / Weight: 141lbs

Chest: 37″ / Waist: 31″ / Hips: 35″

Stunts Reel


Ken Goto was born in Kumamoto Prefecture. He moved to Tokyo in 2000 and joined the training school of the Japan Action Club for three years. After graduating, he joined the Stunt Team Gocoo in 2004 and was involved in many television and film titles. Ken won the Japan Action Award for excellent Stuntman in 2014. He became a freelance stuntman in 2016 and expanded his playing field. In recent years he has expanded his field of activity as a coordinator.

Major film credits include
SNAKE EYES(G.I.JOE), 47RONIN, SILENCE, KATE, BLINDSPOT, S.W.A.T. , Rurouni Kenshin 1-5, etc…

Special Abilities/Skills

High Fall, Fire work, Car Hit, Wire Work, Horseback Riding, Karate
Various weapons(Nunchkau, Tonfa, Bo staff, Japanese sword fight)

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