Do you need a Japanese element?

Tateki Matsuura


Height: 5’7″ / Weight: 140lbs

Chest: 41″ / Waist: 33″ / Hips: 37″

Samurai Reel
Batto Do Reel


””General Incorporated Association International General Bushido Association, Chairman, Renshi 6th Dan”
”Musou Jikiden Eishinryu Eimeiha Okuden”
”Branch Dojo, Chuyukai, Representative”

Special Abilities/Skills

Iaido, Battodo, Jumonji Kamayari, Kodachi, Japanese Sword Fight, Fire Breathing


Focusing on the dignity of Japanese swords, we train our minds and bodies through training on ancient Japanese swords, contribute to the formation of personality, and promote the spread and development of sword-drawing and iaido in Japan and overseas.

International Comprehensive Bushido Association/国際総合武志道協会

The International Association of Bushido is working through martial arts with the aim of contributing to peace and goodwill with the spirit of Japanese martial arts, not only among members but also among members, in the region, and at home and abroad.

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